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16 October 2011

October is a very bad month for me

Other then a few bright spots such as the Walking Dead Season 2 premier that aired today, which was awesome btw, October is proving to be a real craptastic month for me.

My laptop is officially DEAD. The Battery Gauge on the battery shows a full battery, but the laptop wont power up. The AC adapter shows the green power light but as soon as its plugged into the laptop the light goes off. I know its not the AC Adapter since it works perfectly fine with my dads laptop. So I am going to have to try and see if I can work it in tot he budget to order a new laptop from Dell. Granted I have a Dell Preferred credit account, but I will need to see if I can budget in a higher monthly bill from them.

Luckily I do have my parents old Desktop, and access to their newer desktop so I can still get online. But unfortunately most my pics are all on the laptops HDD. (will be getting a external casing for the laptop HDD so I can pull everything off of it and use it as external storage).


  1. Hang in there, Doug! I'm rooting for you.

  2. At least on the gaming side of things right now I do have the Nintendo Wii and a couple of the Gamecube Resident Evil games (along with a GC controller and memory card that I was given by a friend who no longer has a GC or a Wii). I did find a used Wii Zapper and a used copy of Links Crossbow Training (when you purchase a new Wii Zapper the Links Crossbow Training is boxed with it) for $10, the Wii Zapper normally costs about $25 new (for the official Nintendo version and as mentioned above it comes with a copy of Link's Crossbow Training, you can get third party Chinese knock-offs for about $8-$10 without the game). I did just finish Lego Indiana Jones 2, which has Zombies in it during the first Crystal Skull part (ok they aren't really zombies but Mannequins that are basically turned into Zombies).

    For the Wii I am slowly building up a game library. Currently have (Wii games) Mario Party 8, FlingSmash (came with a Wii Remote Plus {built-in Motion Plus} for $30, $20 less then the game normally retails for and $10 less then a Wii Remote Plus retails), Links Crossbow Training (used for $5 and then the Wii Zapper also used for another $5), Disney's Guilty Party (a Clue style Whodunit game), Wii Play (bought use for $5), Wii Sports (used for $10), Lego Indiana Jones 2 (new cant remember exact price but it was on sale), My Sims Collection (new on sale), Animal Crossing: City Folk (used, cant remember price, bought it since I was addicted to the DS version for a while there till I had my my mom hide it on me for a while, LOL), Mystery Case Files: The Malgrave Incident (new for $30, both my mom and I love the Hidden Object games), and I also have (Gamecube games), Resident Evil, Resident Evil 0, and Resident Evil 4, and I also believe I may still have a copy of Bloodrayne for the GC boxed up too.

    I am thinking of getting Epic Mickey to see how it is, have heard great things about it, though I may rent it first. Also have New Super Mario Bros. on my to buy list, along with a couple of group/party games such as rec room Games, Wii party, Scene It?, Carnival Games and New Carnival Games.

    Though with my laptop being Dead new Wii games my be on the back burner for a while same with any new minis.

  3. Not sure if I can explain it correctly. I had a similar problem and the Geek Squad guy showed me how to fix it.
    Take out the battery.
    Hold the on button down for a minute or so with the battery out of the computer.
    Put the battery back in and try and start it.

    It worked for me and may be worth giving it a try. Good luck!

  4. Thanks Ed, unfortunately dropped my laptop off over at my brothers for one of his friends who was part of Geek Squad before getting better tech job. So he may try that before he goes and opens it.

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