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10 May 2011

Still no Surprise, but I will tell you what it should have been

Still no surprise, I was planning on, as a couple people had guessed, my first Batrep, but unfortunately the game I was playing ended up getting cut short due to real life and my notes I had taken on the part of the game I did play, seems to have grown legs and walked off, so I figured I would let you know what I was planning since I don't know when I will have a real chance to get a game, with pics and write up done,   luckily it was only the first 3 or 4 turns I got to play so it wasn't a total loss. I did forget to take pics of the game for all but the 3rd turn, so the fact that I cant find my notes and the game was interrupted so early on in it, means its not a big deal to start over from the beginning again.

I do remember a couple things I was doing wrong in the game, from a quick review of the notes, I was giving the Humans the wrong movement speed (giving them 12") due to some poorly written crib notes I was referring to so I wouldn't have to bring out the rule books as often.

The scenario I decided on playing is based around 2 members of the Military trying to make it across the board (Suburban setting) to their transportation (an APC), after receiving orders to abandon their post, one of about 6 check points meant to keep the infected on the island (the Island for background purposes is about 3 miles long at the longest point and 2 miles wide at the widest, 1/2 mile wide as the narrowest point) on the western side of a river, unfortunately the check points to the south were over run fell due to the onslaught of refugees trying to get off the island and away from the infected and the infected themselves. I did rule ahead of time that the 2 military members have seen zombies before and have seen them feasting, due to them trying to hold the check point, though any survivors they come across I will still roll for seeing the feast and Zed or No Zed, since up until just recently the military was able to keep the situation contained on the other side of the river and on the island.

When I finally do get a chance to play the scenario, I may have it take place after the lazarus Project was initiated and have Smarties and Ragers pop up. This scenario wont be an official part of my Campaign, though it will take place during the first half of it (in a different location then where the campaign will be centrally located), the initial days of the outbreak, the second half of the campaign will be my Mackinac Island campaign where it is a couple years after the outbreak.

Main reason I don't have anything yet is due to my work schedule, when I would be starting the game I am at work, since I do most of what I have to get done (yard work, errands, shopping, etc...) in the morning before work. I do have right now Mon-Weds off, though spent all of yesterday and most of today doing work around the house and in the yard since it has been nice out. Tomorrow I am planning on going over to the Local Hobby Shop for a couple of supplies to build my scratch built Fishing Trawler/Patrol Boat/Cargo Ship that I currently have mocked up out of card stock.


  1. Aha, so I was right about your secret project! Sorry to hear it didn't go to plan but at least it gave you a chance to get better acquainted with the rules. The idea of playing a game that isn't connected with your main campaign is a good one as it allows you the chance to learn the rules. Plus, if a PC dies, its not that big a deal. Just learn from your mistakes so that when you do start your campaign you'll know what to do and what not to do. I eagerly look forward to your first batrep but fully understand about real-life.

  2. That real life thing never ceases to interfere. I'm looking forwards to reading up on what you did, when you do it!

  3. Sorry to hear about the real-life thing. Pesky sometimes isn't it. Like Bryan says playing some games that are not anything to do with our campaign really help you learn the rules. ATZ is superb, but it isn;t always immediately instinctive. I think I've made little mistakes on every game I have played but it has helped me learn quicker. Scenario ideas sound fantastic, so looking forward to when you do get it posted.

  4. I am familiar with the rules have played the game many a time, its just been a while since my last game, and the crib notes I had jotted down were poorly written out, on my part, I will admit I rushed through writing them down and at the time didn't worry about spacing, so I had the part about player movement and fast move reading something like Players may move twice the speed of the zombie, when in fact I should have been reading the line as Players may move up to double their base speed of 8 inches as a fast move by passing 2d6, 12 inches if only 1d6 is passed, 8 inches if 0d6.

    It was totally my fault and I caught it after I started playing the game, at the beginning of round 2. I did continue to use the 12 inch movement until I had to quit the game in round 4, so at least I was consistent.

    I am hoping to get to actually play the scenario here in the next week or so, if everything works out. Word of warning when I do get the chance to play my scenery wont be that spectacular, right now I only have some of the Ebbles FUS's built I will probably be using stuff like a shoe box or other small boxes as temporary buildings, and the Building Interior rules in I, Zombie. Unfortunately after getting my Ebbles Archive DVD and all of the Ebbles models he released before closing shop, I was focusing on printing of stuff from the DVD and the models he had for sale, and even then most the Jeepvees I built were given away to the kids of friends and family.

  5. Bryan- I am familiar with the ATZ rules, I have played a number of games previously. My mistake I was doing for the movement was due to a set of badly written crib notes on my part. I didn't properly separate the sections on the movements of the humans and the movement of the zombies. At least the few rounds I did play I stayed consistent even when i realized the mistake.

    When I do finally get a chance to restart the scenario, I will be trying to get pics, though I will warn you the scenery wont be that spectacular, probably a couple boxes as proxies, all the buildings I have built right now are of the Ebbles FUS's.

    I never did get the chance to get to the LHS to get the styrene sheets and other stuff for the ship I am working on. Though I know I will have plenty of other chances to get over there.