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17 May 2013

Never play against Females and update on Possible new Project

Well I learned a lesson the other night, never play against a group of females when you are the only male.

I went over to a friends house for some gaming, well her BF and another guy decided to play on the XBox, while my friend and one of her female friends gamed with me over at the dinner table. We started off with Zombies!!! The Game, I was doing alright about halfway through the game with 13 zombies in my pile, where as the other two players had about 8 each, at this point Kim, my friend, looked over to Stacy, the other female, and said we cant let him win. From that point they did everything in their power to kill me off. I luckily won the game by making it to the Helicopter, they each had to kill only 1 more zombie for the win.

We then played Munchkin, this time right from the start they ganged up on me. Needless to say I lost, miserably, was only lvl 1 with a +3 bonus, while they were Lvls 10 (Stacy) and 8, each having over +20 bonus from their items. We then played Munchkin Impossible, this time while I still lost it was at lvl 8 instead of lvl 1.

Now Kim and her BF are the ones I normally game with, Kim being the friend that currently had my printed (from THW) copy of ATZ Final Fade out to go over the rules, and also the one I painted the Not-Amy Pond for. Stacy was a newbie to gaming (other then classics like Monopoly, Clue, Poker, Uno, Yahtzee, etc...and some video games),  she had a blast and stated she would love to get together with Kim, Ron, her BF and myself sometime to game again. Now if she is over again when I am there to game, I will not, I repeat, I WILL NOT, game with just her and Kim, they will try to humiliate me again like the first game of Munchkin.

Now as for the Space/Starship Project, it looks like it will be a go. I downloaded Full Thrust Rules from Ground Zero Games and I just bought a copy of 5150 Star Navy (printed + PDF) from THW, and am now getting ready to place an order from Silver Eagle Wargame Supplies for some of the Irregular Miniature Spaceships. Silver Eagle is a US supplier of the IM products. Starting off I am planning on ordering some of the Imperials (Not-Federation) and the Confederates (Not-Kzinti/Hydrans) along with a couple of the ships in the "Other" listing such as the Independent Merchant Ship and Cargo Freighter (Generic), Dornier Class. Before I do place this order I am waiting to hear back from them on if they offer the Fleet Deals that IM offers, if they don;e I will just go ahead and order from IM directly and suffer the wait and possible customs fees.

I am also thinking of ordering some cheap plastic spaceships
These I can purchase at about $12 (shipping included in price) for 144 of the ships. These ships will be used, if they scale up good to the IM, Ground Zero Games, Bergstrom, etc... ships, as generic non faction specific ships. I can also give the ones I wont use (the round UFO and one that is has an open cockpit iirc) to my nephew to play with.

I will also be starting up a secondary blog (already have it created, just need to add content) to follow the Space/Starship project, Starbase Alpha Romeo Charlie (Starbase ARC). I am currently writing up some background fluff for it, I have a Welcome Letter for an Academy Recruits and part of the Recruit Orientation Speech. I am currently calling the main faction the United Earth Star Navy, though I am thinking of changing it to either United Star Forces, Alliance of Planets or Planetary Confederation. The HQ will be set on Earth. Starbase ARC will be located in the Apideas System, approx. 6 Light Years from Earth. ARC is orbiting the Planet of Apideas Prime, It will have the Academy for the Star Navy (or what ever I call the main faction) on the Station along with planet side on Apideas Prime. I also want to have about 60 different races existing in the game universe, though a majority of them will be part of the Star Navy, with about a dozen or so neutral trader races, and 3 bad guy races, not to count pirate groups that can be made up of any race.

I am thinking of running a small contest on picking the name for the Primary faction. Right now the choices are:
1) United earth Star Navy
2) United Star Forces (or United Star Navy)
3) The Alliance of Plannets (also known simply as the Alliance)
4) Planetary Confederation (alswo known simply as the Confederation)
5) A write in Faction name, if I like your name better then the above ones may will use it or add it to the voting poll. If I dont use it as the main faction I may just use it as one of the other races/factions.

Right now there will be no Prize other then Recognition on my Blog(s), but I am thinking that I may offer one. If I do it will go to one person who suggested the winning Faction name, every one who votes for the faction will get their name put in a hat and the name will be randomly drawn. If I do a prize most likely it will be a miniature (and no it wont be one of the cheap plastic ships pictured above, I am not that mean)

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  1. Good luck with your projects. You've got your work cut out for you.