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12 May 2013

Thinking of a New Project

Well I have been thinking of starting a new gaming project, that isn't Zombies.

What I am thinking of getting into is Starship (Space) Combat gaming. Now right now I do not know what rule system I will use if I do start this project up. I have narrowed it down to 3 different games,

1) Wormhole by World Works Games- Like other WWG products this is a Print, Assemble and Play product. You get the rules along with two opposing fleets with 6 different ships each, there is an expansion introducing a new faction.

2) Full Thrust- available as a Free Download from Ground Zero Games

3) 5150: Star Navy- A Two Hour Wargames space combat game.

Now as for the minis I am planning on following Hugh (Colgar6) and getting some Irregular Miniatures Not-Star Trek ships for those times where I want to do Not-Star Trek games, then I am also looking at possibly some of Brigade Models starships, Ground Zero Games and Studio Bergstrom ships (both the Not-Star Trek and the others) for use as generic space fleets that aren't neccessarily part of an existing sci-fi universe.

Now I may not even go ahead with this project, right now it is just a thought. If I do go ahead with this Project I might start up a second blog just for it, then again I might not.


  1. I've been thinking of doing a similar project myself as I've still got my old star wars and star trek micro machine models. I hear full thrust is quite a good ruleset and was thinking of trying that myself as it's a freebie. Good luck with the the project mate, i look forward to reading more on it

  2. As a Full Thrust player I would recommend the rules. They are a free download so no reason not to have a look at them. I would not think they are so right for Star Trek though. But as a NOT trekkie/treker at all what do I know?

  3. I found 1 gross (144) cheap plastic spaceships online for about $10. I remember getting these spaceships back in the late 80's and the 90's at the local arcade (now closed) with the tickets from games like Ski-Ball. IIRC there are 5 or 6 ship styles in 4 or 5 colors, one ship design if I am correct wont work as it has an open cockpit that seats one (though some green stuff could easily fix this). I may get these to use starting off, until I can get some "better" ships.

    As for the rules I currently have Full Thrust downloaded and am reading over it. I am thinking of getting 5150 Star Navy just to see what rules system I prefer.

    If I do follow through and make this a project, I already have the blog for it set up (no content yet) and have some fluff started (a Recruit Welcome Letter and a brief orientation speech for the recruites) for my own possible universe.

    Right now as a working title I am calling the primary starship faction the United Earth Star Navy, it is made up of Earth, it colony planets and about 40 other races that are being referred to as Charter Races (these races actively trade with and serve along side the Terrans of the UESN on its vessels, starbases and colonies, though beyond that they have limited political power withing the UESN).

    Other possible names for the primary faction I am debating on are:
    United Star Forces
    The Alliance of Planets (or simply the Alliance)
    Planetary Confederation

    Right now I am leaning towards either the United Star Forces or the Alliance of Planets

    I do am thinking of having 3 main "evil" races, 4 if you count groups of pirates who will be any race, and about a dozen "neutral" races that I may have as a Trade Federation or as races who have petitioned to become Charter Races and are awaiting a verdict. One ore more of the Neutrals may also become "bad guys".

    I do know if I get this project going I will be getting some Irregular Miniatures starships and some Ground Zero Games cargo/freighter ships.

  4. I like Full Thrust as a game. It's also quite well supported by fandom. Various bits and pieces give you star trek, star wars and traveller. I've not played the others.

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