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07 May 2013

Still Hanging Around

I am still hanging around, with the weather improving here been spending more time outside, and evening with some friends gaming.

Most my time out side has been spent in the backyard in the shade reading on my Kindle, As previously mentioned in my last post (the updated edit) I am currently reading a non-zombie book series, The Song of Ice and Fire series, though one could argue that it could be considered a quasi-zombie book due to the Wrights that the Others have created. I bought all 5 books available in one collection (on the Kindle they are basically one large book since they are all grouped together).

Once I finally finish all 5 Ice and Fire books, I will probably get back to reading Rhiannon Frater, still have The Last Bastion of the Living to read.

As mentioned above I have also been busy gaming with a couple of friends. Unfortunately it hasn't been ATZ. What we have mostly been playing is Munchkin (Zombie, Munchkin, Bites, Star, Apocalypse and The Good, The Bad, & The Munchkin) and Fluxx (Zombie, Pirate, Monty Python) Chrononauts (both the core and the Early American expansion/Standalone) and Back to the Future the Card Game. I have also  pulled out my copy of Zombies!!! the Game too and we have played that a few times with the core game and Expansions 1-6, we did play one game with 7: Send the Clowns. We do have some characters created for Atomic Highway by Radioactive Ape Designs, and are planning on getting a coupel games going once I finish creating a couple adventures or a campaign.

On the ATZ front we do have our Stars and Grunts created (we will be using the Vampifan Character rosters and some of his house rules when we start to play ATZ), and currently the friend I painted the Not-Amy Pond for has my good copy of ATZ: Final Fadeout (the one I ordered from Ed) in order to learn the rules, once she lets me know that she thinks she has a grasp of the rules thast when I will be pulling out all my minis and we will get a game going. For scenery we will be using a combination of the Ebbles/Genet Models Folding Unit Structures, small boxes, etc... for buildings, The various Ebbles/Genet Models vehicles and the various diecasts that I have for vehicles, as for roads we will use the WWG road tiles I have printed off, other scenery will be a combination of WWG and some model railroad scenery. I will try to get pics if possible, though I will be more focused on teaching the rules to my friends.

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