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12 April 2011

More Metal Goodness

As promised here are a couple quick shots of the latest miniatures acquisition.

Hasslefree Adventurers: Femmes Fatales- Witch Hazel. Kitty, Sadie and Dionne
 The Hasslefree figures above are all distributed by Mantic Entertainment the makers of the great plastic Ghouls that I have previously posted pics of for use as Ragers. They are all in one of the 4 sets of Hasslefree figures that Mantic currently is distributing, the others are Juveniles, Girls with Guns, and I believe Female Soldiers. I am planning on getting the Juveniles and Girls with Guns, the Female Soldiers I am still unsure about at this time. Keven White is an exquisite sculptor, and I do regret waiting this long to purchase some of the Hasslefree Miniatures.

Reaper Chronosope- Harvey the Psycho-Killer, General Drake, and Phat Clark the Gang Boss
Reaper Chronoscope- Ninja, and the Ladies of the Night

Reaper Chronoscope- Ladies of the Night. Each one has a Tattoo, A butterfly on the one in the Blue, a vine of ivy on the one in the white fur coat, and a rose on the left shoulder blade of the one in the hot pink pants. I am currently calling the one in the Fur, Ivy (due to the tattoo) and the one in the pink pants, Rose (after her rose tattoo). The one in the Blue is currently unnamed, though the names for the other two are just working names and may not be the ones I use in games.


  1. Nice work on all of them, Doug. I'm not familiar with the Reaper stuff, so it's nice to see what is available. For me, the Ladies of the Night would be the most usable. If you were to put them in an ATZ scenario I wouldn't think much of "Blue's" chances of survival. Just look at her towering platform shoes! She'd surely struggle to walk let alone run in them! Hey, here's a thought, you could call her Betty Blue after Beatrice Dalle's character in the film "Betty Blue." After all, prossies are always adopting false names.

    I also like Harvey the psycho killer. He'd fit in well with my other psychos. The Hasslefree figures are just beautiful... as you'd expect.
    Good work all around, Doug!

  2. Thanks for the comments Bryan. Still debating a good name for "Blue."

    As for Harvey, yeah he is a beast. He will definitely find use with the gangers, and in the later campaigns he will also be one of the "enforcers" at the ganger run community.

    Also it might look like there's some spots without paint such as the top of the face mask on the Ninja, there is paint there, the apparent lack is refection from the flash and/or the desk lamp that was on. Granted there are a couple spots that i may have missed getting paint to but they are typically tight nooks and crannies on the figures. As I already mentioned I go for the table top paint job, as long as it looks good on the table from at least 2-3 ft I dont worry, especially since I know the figures will get bumped around, knocked down, ect... and the paint has a good chance of chipping off, the table top paint job allows for quick and easy touch ups.

  3. Cool minis, love the ladies of the night especially. I like the Reaper stuff but the very long wait (for UK orders) and the rumours of hideous mold lines have put me off, for now. The painting looks great. All very clean and good colour choices (half the battle). Have you ever tried Games Workshop's Devlan Mud? It works wonders on a flat colour paint job. Just paint it on top of the 'finished' model and 5 minutes later, voila - auto shading. Until recently, that (or a similar ink wash was all I ever did). It is highly recommended but try it on a less than favourite model first. It works fine undiluted on most models, you might wish to dilute it a little on models with lots of flesh or white showing.

  4. I haven't really noticed hideous mold lines on the reaper minis I have bought, the most was some excess flash on a figure or two, which is easy enough to remove with a set of sprue snips (or what ever they are called) or an nice sharp hobby knife blade/needle file combo. I don't have GW Devlan Mud, matter of fact only GW paints I have are Blood Red and Skull White, which I don't even use, I primarily use Reaper paints due in part that they cost the same (reaper paints are only $0.01US cheaper) and you get more in the paint pot with Reaper (.4oz for GW and .75oz for Reaper). The only Mud paint I have is the Polly Scale Model Railroad Colors Mud which I bough back about 8 years ago when I was doing some Model Railroading with a friend, luckily it is still good since I actually never opened the paint, ended up not needing it at the time.

    As for the colors being neat and clean, I do have to go and do some touch up to "Rose's," pants to even the neon pink out in a couple areas, unfortunately its due to the paint I used (Folk Art Neons) seeming to be slightly watery. Other then that it is typically just having to go back and touch up where I have ended up chipping paint off during handling or being clumsy and knocking them over.