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30 January 2011

Some more Ebbles Card Stock Models

I still am short on Card Stock, haven't had a chance to get to the store and pick up more. I did find 4 blank sheets of cardstock that I had tucked away in one of the manila file folders I use to organize my ATZ campaign notes and also for spare parts of my cardstock models (such as the extra wheels for the M11's and the weaposn for said M11s that I didnt use). With these 4 sheets I printed out a copy of the Barrack Prop set off of my Archive DVD from 2007. I primarily wanted to see how they look in the Folding Unit Structures.

Here are 3 pics of the Medium Urban Gray FUS (with doors cut open ala Bryan/Vampifan).

A close up of the table with the laptop

A zoomed out view showing the two double bunks two tables, a desk,and two large lockers. Both doors do open, and the walls are straighter then they look.

Another close up, this time the Cowgirl (Reaper Chronoscopes Ellen Stone Cowgirl) show all the viewers her cleavage, while the Anime Schoolgirl (Reaper Chronoscope Candy, Anime Heroine) hides behind the bunk with her pink hari and pink gun. eM-4's Road Warrior is heading out the door, now what was he doing in the same barracks as two lovely young ladies???


  1. Those furniture pieces fit in so well. You'd almost think they'd been designed for the job. I like those Ebbles Folding Unit Structures a lot. They're easy to build and can be used for many purposes. You're on a winner here, Doug. Well done, my friend!

  2. Excellent. They look superb - great job Doug. I really can't wait to get my hands on that DVD now. Should only be a few more days now!

  3. Zombie Ad- You were the main reason I decided to post a couple pics of the interior props from the Archive DVD, especially since I had mentioned them over on your Blog. This gives you an idea on how some of the props look. The barracks prop set also includes a bonus file, Lavatory Props, though truthfully I couldnt tell you what the props in this file are or look like, I haven't opened it yet.

    The storeroom bonus file is gear storage props, I am guessing it is various lockers and other containers. The workshop bonus props file isn't that useful, it is Xenosaurs, an creatuter similar to the xenomorphs in the Alien movies, this is the only bonus file I have actually opened. Will be pulling the DVD out and opening the Lavatory and the Gear Storage files later.