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19 May 2013

Contest Time

In honor of me starting a new project and Blog (Starbase Alpha Romeo Charlie). I will be holding a contest. My first one.

The contest will be open to all my Blogs followers, and the owners of the Blogs I follow.

For the contest you will get to vote on the name of my new projects primary faction. This contest will run for two (2) weeks from now to 02JUNE2013.

The Primary Faction while headquartered on Earth is made up of about 30 other charter races.

Here are the names to chose from, to vote post a comment with the name you are voting for.

 1) United Earth Star Navy (the current working faction name)

2) United Star Forces (or United Star Navy)

3) The Alliance of Planets (also known simply as the Alliance)

4) Planetary Confederation (also known simply as the Confederation)

5) A write in Faction name, if I like your name better then the above ones may will use it or add it to the voting poll. If I dont use it as the main faction I may just use it as one of the other races/factions.

The winning faction name will have all the names of the people who voted for it put into a hat, at which time one name will be drawn randomly as the winner. The winner will receive his choice of a Miniature ($10USD or about £7 price limit) from Reaper, Zombiesmith, Irregular Miniatures (Spaceships), Ground Zero Games, Studio Bergstrom or or Brigade Models, in addition I will name a Starship (or Starship class), star system/planet or a Starbase after them in my campaign universe. I will also draw out a Second and a Third Place name, these individuals will receive Honorary mention on the new Blog, and also have a Starship or Starbase named after them (they get to chose).

The 6 Mini manufacturers should give the winner a decent choice between Starships or regular (25/28mm) miniatures., as Reaper, GZGs, Zombiesmith and Irregular all have 25/28mm minis, where as Irregular, GZGs Bergstrom and Brigade all have Starship minis.

Update: If you suggest a name keep it clean, ie when abbreviated it cant spell out words like C.R.A.P. or D.A.M.N. or S.H.I.T., etc...

Zabadak- I may still use your initial suggestion as the name for a faction of bad guys. If I do you will be getting honorary mention and one of their ships named ofter you, along with maybe one of thier planets.


  1. Interesting competition Doug, looking forward to seeing the suggested titles.

    Here's my Suggestion:

    Confederated Republics of Allied Planets.

  2. Doug, I am so sorry, mate, but I have to go with Zabadak's suggestion!

  3. Being mildly dyslexic I would have to change that to Confederated Alliance of Republican Planets, because it's CARP or it's crap!

  4. Zabadak- Yeah as for the name you suggested, NO, at least not for my primary faction, I really dont want to call then CRAP as Sean pointed out. Nice try though.

    I will be nice enough to let you and Vampi have another vote if you guys want it.

  5. Have you tried this ?:

    It'll generate up to 20 different titles at a time for techy-type governments

    Can I claim all generated suggestions ?

    It's a very useful site for naming just about anything in fictional settings.

  6. I vote for #2 you can call the faction United Star Forces and the ship fleet be the United Star Navy with the ships being named USN _______. Look forward to seeing what you do.


  7. I had many, many suggestions for rude ones but you've been very clear you don't want those!

    The best I could come up with was H.U.R.T

    The Honourable Union of Republic Territories.

    Not great but meh. I quite like H.U.R.T as an acronym.

  8. Urban- The Honourable Union of Republic Territories sounds like a good name for me to use for some of my Neutral races. If I do use this you will get Honorable mention and a ship, planet or Starbase named after you.

    Zabadak- Checked out the Name Generator, I can see it having some use, especially the generator for ship names.

  9. You haven't exactly stated what kind of union you want them to be in. I would go Imperium Solaris (I wanted to say solar imperium but it sounded so familiar I've googled it to find out its a game -.-)

    You could call it something like Impolaris or Imposolaris I guess.

    If you don't want Zabadak's suggestion, I'd gladly borrow that if I ever get around to setting up the ultimate sci-fi bad guys faction :D
    H.U.R.T does sound quite fine, too. I would name them by country, however, every group of ships is a navy, if you know what I mean :)

  10. Talked to the friends I normally game with about the name, one (Kim the female I mentioned in my last post about playing with females) said the United Star Forces, while her BF said the Planetary Confederation. I have one other person that I game with occasionally to ask.

    Mathyoo- Imperium Solaris sounds a little 40Kish to me.

    As for how I imaging the faction I was thinking something along the lines of the Federation of Planets from Star Trek or the NSEA from the Galaxy Quest show in the movie Galaxy Quest. The faction was founded on scientific and exploration, but with a slightly more militant drive, the founding races knew that they would need a military force to due to hostile factions and rouge groups (pirates).

    I will likely use the Confederated Republics of Allied Planets as one of the bad guy factions, I am thinking a hostile Lizard Race similar to the Fatu-Krey in Galaxy Quest which could use the C.R.A.P. name.

  11. As Bill (anonymous) pointed out the USF and the USN could be two branches of the same faction. The USN could be the military arm, the USF the scientist group. To make it less military you could change to the United Space Corporation, or United Space Inc.

  12. You are actually telling us quite a lot about how you think the planet will develop culturally. You have English as the primary language suggesting an Anglo-American domination. Your choice of course, But have you considered that other languages might be dominant in the future. Chinese, Indian and Spanish are the obvious alternatives.

    But sticking to your choices I would select "United Star Navy". To me Navy sounds stronger than forces. Marines are included under a Navy umbrella title. Therefore Forces seems a bit wishy-washy as it carries an implication of less strong and vibrant elements than Marines.

    Or maybe something very simple Like "The Star Service". Still whatever you decide as long as you are happy that's the main thing.

  13. I like option #2 but as others have said you could use USF and USN as two branches of the same organisation.

  14. Clint- Well considering I am an American of English/Scottish decent I am more familiar with the English Language then Chinese, Indian, Spanish, etc... Thats not to say that one of the other languages isnt the main language, it could be an alien language like Rockstarian from the planet Rockstar in the Rockvenue system.

    As for the voting we have as follows

    #1- 0 votes
    #2- 5 votes
    #3- 1 vote
    #4- 2 suggested that may be used for other factions

    1. No worries at all mate, it was just a thought and I am sure I would select English (the only language I speak well enough to really get by in... but also pretty good at "Gibberish" Gobbdegook and "complete and utter bollocks!") All the best with what ever you decide.

  15. Weee, I've feared to arrive too late to partecipate! :D

    My vote goes to United Star Force, but I wish to add a couple of name:

    Cosmic Alliance
    Collective of Intelligence Being (know as C.I.B.)